15mm TEES Poly Plumb Push Fit Fitting X 17 PB200

15mm TEES Poly Plumb Push Fit Fitting X 17 PB200
Product Code: PB200
Brand: Polypipe
MPN: PB200
  • Description
15mm TEES  Poly Plumb Push Fit Fitting X 17

Polyplumb is a reliable and flexible plumbing system using robust polybutylene pipes and a wide range of push-fit components. It can be used for hot and cold water supply, as well as radiator and under-floor heating installations.

This easy-to-fit system reduces the time and cost of installation
Robust polybutylene construction reduces the risk of burst pipes due to freezing
Component's stainless steel grab rings ensure superb joint integrity as part of a high-performance plumbing system
Polyplumb system components are not affected by hard water scale or soft water corrosion
Can be easily dis-assembled and reused or modified
Can be painted with normal household paints
Water system can incorporate all appropriate inhibitors
Fittings can be rotated even when under pressure
A solder-free plumbing system for easy installation